Thanks for showing so much love to my book – The Anexas Story. Based on many requests to publish chapters of the book on LinkedIn, I continue to write a series of articles based on these chapters. Please read on and keep believing that there is an entrepreneur in you…and everyone! 


During graduation, I also discovered a way to store my experiences and lessons learned in my mind forever. One of the ways to achieve goals, as some books would say, was to write them down.

My billboards of the mind took shape and form.

What’s that? Billboards??

Oh, the hoardings that you see out on the roads or at railway stations or at the airports. The ones that advertise. The ones that are bold and have a compelling statement.

The earliest one I remember was Kapil Dev, the cricketer, in an ad that said, “Palmolive da jawaab nahin”!

Simple, straight and effective communication.

I actually bought a tube of Palmolive when I had to shave the first time. Believe me. A brush to make lather. A blade to scratch its way around an uneasy chin and some hope that I would start looking handsome like Kapil Dev did.

That’s what Billboards can do. Change thought.

Me and Kapil Dev. Look at the confidence I had back then!

I had to do the engineering exams. I studied till late during some nights. After a while, I would get bored and begin to amuse myself through the various books around me.

That was my first start towards compelling objectives as a way to progress.

Many success and self-help books suggested that we should write down the goals and put them on the wall. Some authors went on to suggest to display or paste these goals on the mirror so that that’s the first thing you saw when you woke up in the morning!

But like most of the human beings inhabiting this planet, I could never write my goals on paper or the wall or the mirror.

But these goals were always with me, the life lessons learned were and still are always there to guide me.

How did it happen?

I realize that unknowingly I have used a method to keep my goals or learned lessons always with me. For the sake of giving it a name, let us call them ‘Billboards for the mind’. Imagine a billboard, an imaginary hoarding placed in front of your eyes, which you can always see (of course, it is invisible to others!), with a message on it written loud and clear. Something like this, as you traverse the journey of life:

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The best part of this billboard is that it can be taken with you wherever you go. For example, if you write the goal on the wall and leave the home for say, travel, it is very difficult to refer to it when you need to. But the Billboard in your mind is always there with you.

That’s how I store my lessons learned in life – on the billboards, in my mind.

What happens if we forget them? How can we store so many billboards in the mind? After all, there are so many lessons and so many objectives to achieve! Then how?

The good news is that all of us possess something called as a subconscious mind. We may not be aware of its existence, but it exists, as the neuroscientists say. Usually, these billboards are treasured in that part of the brain. So, all we need to do is to trust them to guide us at the right time!

Keep writing your billboards and keep storing them, with full confidence that they will pop up at the right time when you need them.

I am going to share my and my team’s billboards which we accumulated during our journey we charted through the rough terrain of professional lives and business while achieving many of our dreams.

May these billboards illuminate your path of success too.

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If somehow, you are not able to still illuminate your lives, call a friend, have some kachoris and tea. Share your hurdles towards the process of illumination and see how things change for you.

I am a great votary of sharing troubles.

It’s my trade, you see.


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