Thanks for showing so much love to my book – The Anexas Story. Based on many requests to publish chapters of the book on LinkedIn, I continue to write a series of articles based on these chapters. Please read on and keep believing that there is an entrepreneur in you…and everyone! 


I didn’t know what Branding meant when I started Anexas. But unknowingly we built a brand which many of our competitors envy. That too without spending any money specifically on branding.

How did we do it?

Since the start of our first training, and since the time we started guiding first improvement projects for our customers, one thing remained constant: Excellent feedback from our clients. And this we achieved through the dint of hard work – by studying the best practices in the industry, acquiring domain knowledge before we delivered an assignment and constructively criticizing each other within the team. After undergoing the training in the camps, our consultants picked up the best practices and then merged them with their own strengths to come out with a unique offering, which simply delighted the customers.

This offering became the product in itself. The engagement that we offered through our expertise became the Anexas brand. The emphasis on the quality of knowledge transfer distinguished us from the rest. Instead of conducting training in five-star hotels (unless asked for), we would have the training in three-star hotels. We did not gift fancy bags to the clients to carry home (which they rarely used) or offer five-course lunches (which health-conscious shunned). Yet after every training, the participants always ended up singing our praises. After the project implementation, the companies went overboard in referring us to their suppliers and customers. But never to competitors. Obviously!

Due to its exceptional methodology of knowledge transfer and dedication of its team members, within four years of its establishment, Anexas built an excellent brand in Saudi Arabia and India. Without spending a dime on brand building, the word of mouth publicity resulted in the organic growth of Anexas in Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Arabian cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.

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In that, we are not like the one-page advertisers, with ponytails at the back of heads or shiny halo around coiffured heads. I have a halo but it’s my shining pate – nothing else.

However, something else was helping us shine too. And that was….


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Amitabh Saxena is founder of Anexas, a well-known lean six sigma and project management consulting organisation. He has trained over 50,000 participants and has 30 years of experience in consulting more than 300 organisations around the world including Fortune 100 companies across industry domains. With a strong team of 25 Master Black Belts, his organisation Anexas has been helping individuals and organisations achieve eminence through excellence since 2006. They can be reached on