AMITABH SAXENA QUALITY GURU In this short note, I list the top 3 reasons of successful completion of Lean and Six Sigma projects. Here I have mentioned (based on my experience), only those reasons which are present in successful projects, but absent in unsuccessful projects. For example, ‘top management support’ or ‘excellent training’ do not figure in the list as their presence does not guarantee success- you still might end up in failure even if you have senior management support.

  1. Emphasis on documentation: In successful projects teams, I have seen that at least one person in the team is very enthusiastic about documentation. This member can be a Green Belt, Black Belt or even a Master Black Belt. This person ensures that all the meetings, brainstorming sessions, analysis, presentations, etc. are documented on an ongoing basis. This helps in effective communication within the stockholders and also keeps the team motivated as they see their progress in a documented form.
  2. Disciplined facilitator: A facilitator, who is pretty serious about making plans and sticking to them, holding the meetings on time, completing toll-gate reviews as per schedule and asking tough questions for any slippage, helps the team to focus on the goal and the team is more likely to succeed.
  3. Correct usage of statistics: In highly successful projects I have seen that at least one team member is an expert in statistics. This may be a person within the organization or an external consultant or professor, but he ensures that the tools and techniques are used correctly and no incorrect conclusions are derived from the hypothesis tests. Knowledge of good statistics helps to reduce the efforts and time spent in sampling and analysis.

These are the top 3 reasons from my list of 10 reasons where I have explained why some projects succeed and others fail. Please drop a note for obtaining the full list.

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